Business case study example : A Training Needs Assessment of the McDonald’s Corporate Restaurants and the Possible Outcomes of Modifying Their Training Program

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A Training Needs Assessment of the McDonald’s Corporate Restaurants and the Possible Outcomes of Modifying Their Training Program


In the fast food industry, it is not uncommon for customers to expect unsatisfactory service. Quality is becoming one of the widely addressed concerns among these types of restaurant chains. Since it has become a common standard for chains such as Burger King and McDonald’s to underperform in terms of service and quality. The only “justifiable ” reasons for this are the low costs of food and the quick service, hence being deemed a “fast food” restaurant. Other widely known facts regarding these establishments are the minimal level of qualifications required for holding a job, and the level of pay that reflects it. Many of the employees that work in this type of industry know that this is not an ideal career. [3] Many workers have minimal education and/ or work experience, and are often younger. The quality of food and the competence of the employees is also evident of this. [4] For this training needs assessment, I will be discussing possible outcomes in modifying the training program of McDonald’s corporate restaurants.

Training Needs Assessment

Many of the employees who work for McDonald’s are high school students without a formal education. This is why it is justifiable for this fast food chain to pay their workers such low wages. It is a common industry practice to start common crew members off at minimum wage. [6] Even the supervisors who oversee the operation of these establishments make an average of $18,230 annually (Bradford, 2013). The hard work and stress that is required to function at one of these places can make employees feel like they want to give up. A negative mindset can have detrimental effects on an employee’s work performance. [7] Still, the low pay and high turnover rates make many employees indispensable. This allows them to get away with poor work ethics and less-than-adequate training. [8] By providing a more higher hygienic standards, reasonable pay and a training program which is more enforced, McDonald’s has the potential to reclaim its positive status in the fast food market.

Outcome 1

As minimum wage gradually increases, the difference in pay between common crew members and their floor supervisors will also decrease. Many fast food chains, including McDonald’s, start their crew members close to minimum wage, which does not significantly affect their prices (Katz & Krueger, 1992). This lack of price change is mainly reflected in the salary cuts of higher-ups within the company. When employees are not making enough money for the stress and fast-paced labor that they are required to endure, they will naturally feel less inclined to do a good job. This also applies to trainers and employees in positions of authority. If workers are paid appropriate wages, they will likely be motivated to work harder.

Outcome 2

Training programs of many fast food chains are very simplistic and not taken seriously very often. At McDonald’s new crew members are required to watch videos before watching other people do their job. In many instances, job training is not enforced thoroughly. If a program in which verifiable progress is being made, new employees will likely face less confusion in their position.

Outcome 3

The quality of fast food is one of the most notable consequences of consuming it. It is common for unmotivated employees to not take their personal hygiene seriously. In turn, this negatively affects the sanitation and quality of the food (Egan, 2007). When food service establishments take the time to enforce thorough and basic sanitation procedures, the quality and safety of their products is ensured.

Expected Performance

When employees are appropriately compensated and standards are strictly enforced, the quality of service will likely improve. Fast food establishments are no exception. In order for customers to receive satisfactory service and products, employees must be properly trained, properly motivated, and all products should be cooked and distributed safely.


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