COMM 493 : Strategic Management代写案例

The University of British Columbia|英属哥伦比亚大学

COMM 493 : Strategic Management





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课程(项目)简介:COMM 493 : Strategic Management

A conceptual and practical introduction to the major areas of business strategy with an integrative perspective on managing a business. Includes the analysis of a business and its environment, the development and evaluation of strategic alternatives, and implementation of change (For non-Commerce students only in fourth year).

学校简介:The University of British Columbia|英属哥伦比亚大学

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a global centre for teaching, learning and research, consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world and recently recognized as North America’s most international university.

Since 1915, our motto, Tuum Est (It is Yours), has been a declaration of our commitment to attracting and supporting those who have the drive to shape a better world. As a result, UBC students, faculty and staff continue to embrace innovation and challenge the status quo, placing us at the forefront of discovery, learning and engagement. UBC encourages bold thinking, curiosity and initiative, so you can realize your greatest potential.


自1915年以来,我们的座右铭Tuum Est(这是您的)宣告了我们致力于吸引和支持有志于建设更美好世界的人们的承诺。 结果,UBC的学生,教职员工继续拥抱创新并挑战现状,使我们处于发现,学习和参与的最前沿。 UBC鼓励大胆的思维,好奇心和主动性,因此您可以发挥最大的潜力。