English 1102代写案例

Georgia State University | 佐治亚州立大学

English 1102

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课程(项目)简介:English 1102

English 1102 focuses on argumentative writing and is designed to increase your ability to construct persuasive appeals based on the highest academic standards of logic and evidence. Like English 1101, this course focuses on methods of or­ganization, analysis, and research skills, but all with the goal of increasing your ability to build scholarly arguments that synthesize your ideas with the work of other academics. Your 1102 experience will expose you to topics that range from civic issues and political arguments to readings of literary texts or other cultural artifacts. Your in­structor will also introduce you to the study of argument and rhetoric through the use of texts (including this handbook) that focus on rhetorical theory and various argumentative models. You may also work with supplemental readings from a va­riety of genres, including nonfiction essays/articles, documentary films, advertise­ments, or other texts. Additionally, in English 1102 you will practice active reading strategies, scholarly note-taking techniques, and research methods that are vital to success in any degree program. In this course, you will try out a variety of arguments that draw on different types of sources as evidence. Although you began to research and complete other library-related work in English 1101, English 1102 will introduce you to additional re­search instruction and guidance for particular assignments. English 1102 requires that you practice writing from sources, including basic scholarly skills like sum­mary and paraphrase; quoting and citing sources; evaluating and drawing con­clusions from sources; synthesizing sources; and other techniques for researched writing. Additionally, you will learn more sophisticated argumentative strategies, including how to develop appeals to fact or logic, values, character, and emotion; building credibility; developing effective reasoning; using appropriate evidence; and analyzing various arguments composed by other writers. English 1102 continues 1101’s emphasis on college-level and professional stan­dards for formal prose, mechanics, and formatting. However, English 1102 focuses attention on style and usage more as rhetorical strategies; the awareness of audi­ence, purpose, and other aspects of the rhetorical situation such as constraints and exigency that you were introduced to in 1102 are brought to the forefront in 1102.

学校简介:Georgia State University | 佐治亚州立大学

佐治亚州立大学(Georgia State University),简称GSU,又译乔治亚州立大学,创建于1913年,是一所美国著名的综合性公立大学,美国东南部最主要的研究型高等学府之一,坐落在美国佐治亚州的首府和最大城市亚特兰大的商业中心,距离同市的佐治亚理工学院(GATech)仅1公里的距离。 作为具有全美最好的学术价值的大学之一,佐治亚州立大学吸引了来自全美各州和世界120多个国家的25,000余名学生和1,500名教职员工。学校的博士学位教育跻身美国100所最好公立大学排名之列,此外,学生对校方的极高满意度、学费合理、就业率高,因此被《福布斯》(Forbes)杂志评为佐治亚州排名第二的优秀大学。学校提供从本科、硕士到专业科目、博士学位的学习,250多个专业供学生选择,涉及领域多达62个。 佐治亚州立大学的公共事务学院处于全美顶尖地位,2016年《美国新闻与世界报道》排名全美第25位,其中公共财政和预算专业排名第5位,城市政策与管理专业排名第9位,非营利组织管理专业排名第10位。此外,学校的法学院和教育学院分别被U.S. News列为全美第57和59位,其中医疗法专业位列全美第6,精算科学专业位列全美第10,信息系统专业位列全美第12位。佐治亚州立大学在社会科学和商科领域被上海交大ARWU世界大学学术排名评为世界第101-150位。学校还拥有一个全美著名的语言研究中心,其生命安全四级水平实验室在美国独一无二,图书馆藏书量超过1,300,000册。