POLSC 240-Political Theory代写案例

Diablo Valley College|岱伯洛谷学院

POLSC 240-Political Theory




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课程(项目)简介:POLSC 240-Political Theory

In this course we will investigate the expansive field of political theory, described by one of its leading scholars as the study of “who gets what, when, and how.” Although one could find some truth in this description, it will be clear by the end of the course that this notion is probably more complex than the definition would suggest. In studying this subject we will utilize a multidisciplinary approach—meaning we will use other disciplines such as history, philosophy, law, economics, sociology, anthropology, religion, international relations theory, and even the natural sciences (especially the emerging field of environmental theory) to help us shed light on this fascinating area of study. A

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岱伯洛谷学院,是一所两年制的社区学院。于1949年建校,学校位于旧金山湾区东北边美丽的Pleasant Hill市。现有在校生26000人,有300全职教师,370兼职教师。学院专业有:司法管理,建筑学,艺术数字媒体,广播交流艺术,会计学,商业过户,管理研究,小企业管理,计算机信息科学,计算机科学,计算机网络技术,计算机技术支持,微机软件支持等等。还提供短期培训,短期培训有近百种课程,在九月份,十月份,十一月份,甚至十二月份都开课。