Project report example #2: A Project Evaluation Report on TECH Ltd

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A Project Evaluation Report on TECH Ltd


When we first studied Belbin’s team roles it was easy to assume that it would be more fruitful to have a group that has a lot of innovators.This giving way to the assumption that this will create a group atmosphere where there are a lot of ideas created and would thus lead to a better project. It has become more apparent in our group projects since then that you need to have a lot of differing personalities that can take on these roles in the group. It is apparent in life that your strength could be another person’s weakness. In our group I could see that we were always working to each other’s strengths.

There were many problems that we came across, especially with attendance to group meetings due to clashes with classes as some our group were based on a different campus of the university. These problems did arise very regularly and it was sometimes extremely difficult to even arrange a meeting with our tutor to present our progress. We did at some points not make any positive progress in more than a week because of these difficulties. The way we solved these problems was to make sure that we did not lose contact with the group. There would always be e-mails from our secretary to remind us of our next meeting or a phone call to make sure we remained focused on the task.

Although we did have many minor disagreements it was always decided that the chairperson’s decision was final. This worked well as we had all come to a joint decision on who the chairperson should be. By the end of each meeting we always resolved any disagreements the team had. There was never a time any disputed issue was carried over to the next meeting.

This whole project will without a doubt stand us in good stead for all future group work at university level. I can also envision that it will be great help in any future employment in our field as we were thrust into the deep end of producing this database formally in a time scale suited to the specific needs of the company that employed us. There will be many valuable lessons that each individual will take away from this project. We have learned to communicate and help and encourage other group members. We have seen how an extensive project like this one can be broken down into small bursts of hard work. Sometimes it was not always easy to see that we were heading in the right direction, as the overall project did not come together till the last few weeks. But as with everything, the hard work has lead to a very satisfactory conclusion to our project.


If we had the chance to take upon this same coursework again using the same team I am sure that everyone in the group would not change our overall approach. We certainly would not have as many problems to deal with as all the mistakes that we have made in this particular project have given us the necessary experience to improve on our team skills. Every member will have realized their strengths and weaknesses and would work to exploit each other’s strengths and hide each other’s weaknesses.


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