【SOSC 3001代写案例】Material Culture & Consumer Society

OCAD University | 安大略艺术设计学院

SOSC 3001 Material Culture & Consumer Society



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    课程(项目)简介:SOSC 3001 Material Culture & Consumer Society

    In its broadest sense, material culture is the study of the objects people make, use, purchase and consume to interact with their physical worlds and to construct visible social relationships. This course explores how objects are a reflection of the individuals and societies that produce them, and examines the design of objects and their meanings through interdisciplinary methodologies. Using a case-study approach to find what objects “say” about us, we examine a range of Western and non-Western objects including furniture, household products, clothing, cars and architecture, and topics such as collecting, souvenirs, branding and gift-giving.

    学校简介:OCAD University | 安大略艺术设计学院

    安大略艺术设计学院(OCAD University)是一所公立大学,学校坐落于加拿大安大略省多伦多市。学校毗邻Grange Park,横穿安大略艺术馆(Art Gallery of Ontario)。安大略艺术设计学院是全加拿大排名第一,历史最悠久,规模最大的艺术与设计教育机构,同时在北美40多所同类大学中高居前三名,长时间以来培养出了大量的艺术家和设计师,被誉为加拿大的“想象大学”。