【Term Paper 代写】Term Paper Topics资源分享

Term Paper Topics资源分享

在大学课程结束时我们会面临写作一份根据特定主题的term paper。 term paper是学生在一个学术学期上撰写的一项研究工作,占年级的很大一部分。 事实上,这是一项庞大的工作,因为学生要描述一个独特的概念。 它也可以是一个事件或争论点。

Beauty Industry’s List Term Paper Topics

  1. Are there any age limitations on cosmetic surgery?
  2. What causes plastic surgery addiction?
  3. The cause and effects of high beauty demand by society.
  4. Why could breast implants be dangerous?
  5. The cost of cosmetic surgery in the USA compared to European clinics.
  6. Plastic surgery: pros and cons.
  7. Is weight loss surgery really effective?
  8. Body image: over-idealized beauty standards.
  9. Are surgeons “scissor happy,” and are surgeries widely unnecessary?
  10. How the body-positive movement impacts the cosmetic surgery industry today.
  11. What are the most popular cosmetic surgeries among men and women?
  12. Why cosmetic surgeons are skeptical about changing their bodies.
  13. Does the cosmetic surgery decision depend on age?
  14. Rhinoplasty: yes or no?
  15. Naturality vs. plastic surgery today.

Copyright and Internet Term Paper Example Topics

  1. Is downloading of media (music, images, videos, and software) breaking media producers’ rights and causing economic hardships for media creators?
  2. Should media creators prosecute students and individuals that they suspect of downloading copyrighted materials?
  3. Copyright at such programs as Spotify, Deezer, and other internet sources.
  4. Copyright law in Canada in 2020.
  5. Does the Internet contribute to smartness and socialization among children?
  6. Should the federal government have permission to regulate information online?
  7. How does digital downloading affect the music industry today?
  8. The working principles of a search engine.

Privacy and Censorship Topics for Term Paper

  1. Should the government be allowed to wiretap without permission?
  2. Should any limitations be applied to the paparazzi?
  3. Privacy rights in the modern UK.
  4. What medical information should be confidential? Who should have access to medical records?
  5. What limits should the public have on revealing a public figure’s private life secrets?
  6. What censorship is needed in a public school library?
  7. How should censorship be used in the entertainment industry?
  8. Should the Internet be censored, and why? The ways of censoring online content.
  9. Should parents censor literature for children in schools?
  10. Does censorship on the Internet, such as parental filters, actually increase curiosity and use of pornography?
  11. How is internet censorship used in the USA and around the world?
  12. How has China and Eastern countries’ censorship changed over the decades?

History Term Paper Example Topics: the Holocaust During the Second World War

  1. The Holocaust: causes and consequences of it.
  2. Can “Schindler’s List” be a representation of the Holocaust?
  3. “The Pianist” is one of the most representative Holocaust movies.
  4. The Holocaust in Hungary (or any other country to choose).
  5. Why is the small community of Jewish Romans significant in history?
  6. Documentation of the Holocaust through the arts.
  7. How did the Holocaust happen? The stories of survivors.
  8. The Holocaust from the perspective of a Nazi soldier.
  9. The stories of Holocaust twin experiments.
  10. The reasons modern students should learn the Holocaust more.
  11. To what extent is this statement about the Holocaust resulting from Hitler’s ideas about race true?
  12. How did the Holocaust change the course of Western cultures?
  13. Irena Sendler’s feat of saving 25,000 children during the Holocaust.
  14. Remembering and honoring the victims of the Holocaust: the literature examples.
  15. Is Israel a country of victims or heroes of the Holocaust?

Topics for Term Paper on Vietnam War

  1. What were the roots and causes of the Vietnam War?
  2. Explain the connection between civil rights movements and the Vietnam War.
  3. Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War.
  4. Difference between the Vietnam War and the Revolutionary War.
  5. Reveal if Operation Frequent Wind was a successful outcome in general at the end of the Vietnam War.
  6. Was the USA actually the winner of the Vietnam War?
  7. The significance of the Vietnam War’s impact on American culture.
  8. How does the movie “Hearts and Minds” reveal the Vietnam War?
  9. Explaining the negative effect of propaganda on the Vietnam War.
  10. Why did the USA get to take part in the Vietnam War?
  11. Technology and violence used in the Vietnam War.
  12. What military strategies were based on the Vietnam War?
  13. Media’s impact on society during the Vietnam War and its relation to media today.
  14. Media portrayal’s similarities and differences between the Vietnam War and the US War in Afghanistan.
  15. Explain the effects of the Vietnam War on American society.

Term Paper Topics on the Education System

  1. Interaction with parents in the process of preparing a child for school.
  2. The influence of the family on the learning process of students.
  3. The authority of the teacher: essence and structure.
  4. Types of communication between the educator and students.
  5. Didactic games as a means of influencing the students’ cognition.
  6. Didactic games as a means of sensory education of preschoolers.
  7. The use of creative homework in the cognitive activity of students.
  8. Interrelation of progress and educational motivation of students.
  9. The study of the subject-developing environment of a modern preschool educational institution (on the example of at least three organizations).
  10. The continuity of preschool and the primary education system.
  11. The impact of family upbringing on a child’s academic performance.
  12. Concepts of the subject-play environment.
  13. The principle of individualization and its implementation in elementary school.
  14. Influence of mental states on the processes of education and upbringing.
  15. Areas of work of a preschool teacher using information technology in their professional activities.
  16. The problem of organizing differentiated education for younger schoolchildren.
  17. Education of patriotic feelings of students in extracurricular activities.

Term Paper Topics on Nursing and Health Care

  1. Evaluation of the effectiveness of hand hygiene and antisepsis in a medical organization.
  2. Nursing care for pneumonia.
  3. The role of a nurse in the rehabilitation of frequently ill children in a preschool educational institution.
  4. The study of attitudes towards health and the need for activities that contribute to the preservation and promotion of mental health among college students (specific educational institution).
  5. Peculiarities of nursing care for community-acquired pneumonia, and the prevention of a protracted and complicated course of the disease in a hospital setting.
  6. The role of a nurse in the prevention of complications of acute respiratory viral infections: sinusitis, tonsillitis, and tracheobronchitis.
  7. Prevention of spinal injuries in nurses.
  8. Professional activity of a nurse in an emergency in the neurological department.
  9. Nursing care for children with community-acquired pneumonia.
  10. Features of nursing care for a patient in the postoperative period with prostate adenoma.
  11. Features of the activities of nursing staff in emergency medicine.
  12. Organization of the work of nurses in primary health care organizations.
  13. The role of the nurse in rehabilitation after myocardial infarction.
  14. Nursing care for children with acute bronchitis.
  15. The role of the nurse in the prevention of postoperative complications.
  16. Nursing care for migraines.

Term Paper Topics on Marketing

  1. Detailed analysis of methods and approaches to marketing project management.
  2. Bringing products to the stock markets and their market positioning.
  3. Study of models of consumer behavior.
  4. Marketing in non-profit organizations.
  5. Marketing aspects of the development of the higher education market.
  6. Marketing research when launching a new product on the market.
  7. Marketing communications in the field of В2C.
  8. Marketing approaches to strategic and intrafirm planning at the enterprise.
  9. Marketing strategies for building consumer loyalty.
  10. The place of competitive intelligence in the system of marketing tools.
  11. Methodical bases of development of competitive strategy of the enterprise.
  12. Models for making strategic marketing decisions.
  13. Models of customer relationship management.
  14. Directions for ensuring the effectiveness of promotion in the modern B2B market.
  15. Neuromarketing as a toolkit for influencing the consumer.
  16. Organization of communication processes in the marketing system.
  17. Increasing the competitiveness of enterprises based on the improvement of the marketing and logistics approach.
  18. Legal support of marketing activities.
  19. The problem of ensuring the competitiveness of goods at various stages of the life cycle.

Term Paper Topics on Civil Law

  1. Copyright agreements (concept, types, conclusion, and responsibility of the parties). Agreements on the use of related rights.
  2. Subsidiaries and dependent companies as legal entities: problems of theory and practice.
  3. Intangible goods as objects of civil rights: problems of theory and practice.
  4. The concept of an obligation arising as a result of unjust enrichment (conditional obligation).
  5. Letter of credit payments. Types of letters of credit. Execution of the letter of credit and the bank’s liability for violation of the terms of the letter of credit.
  6. Critical analysis of actual problems in the field of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.
  7. The concept, legal support, and implementation of the right to a domain name when doing business in the USA.
  8. Regulation of circulation of tobacco products and technical requirements.
  9. Joint-stock company as a legal entity: current state and prospects for legal regulation.
  10. Housing rights of a tenant’s family members in various housing stocks.
  11. Methods for the liquidation of a legal entity.
  12. The results of creative activity and personal non-property benefits as intangible objects of civil legal relations.

Term Paper Topics on Programming

  1. Automation of the delivery of products to the hotel complex.
  2. Software accounting of material and technical means on the example of an enterprise.
  3. Development of a program for automating the formation of a budget model.
  4. Automatic classification of emails.
  5. Website development entirely in XML.
  6. Development of a program to provide video conferencing in emergency situations.
  7. Algorithms for clustering undirected graphs of large dimensions and their software implementations.
  8. Development of an automated accounting system for hardware and software (Delphi and Access).
  9. Development of a program for monitoring products presented in online stores on the US market.
  10. Information-reference system of public authority activity.
  11. Development of an IT project management program: the task of predicting the cost of an IT project.
  12. Exploring the possibilities of creating a payment anonymization service.
  13. Development of a parallel program execution library in Java.
  14. Development of an IT project management program: the task of scheduling the project.
  15. Risks and benefits of artificial intelligence.

Term Paper Topics常见问题

  • term paper 最佳主题是什么?


  • 关联。 科学研究只有在相关时才有意义。
  • 科学新奇。 在这种情况下,您需要小心:由于缺乏权威的信息来源,研究不足的主题通常不允许进行大规模研究。
  • 关于所选问题的反对意见的存在。 这种情况使我们可以同时考虑两个相互对立的假设,同时也可以提出我们自己的第三个假设。
  • 争论或研究不足的话题。 在这种情况下,您可以以现有的问题为基础,进行自己的研究; 主要重点是找到足够数量的具有合格信息的来源。
  • 科学知识方法的适用性。 即使某个科学问题已经研究得足够多,也可以考虑使用新的研究方法。
  • 如何找到term paper的主题?

如果您遵循明确的计划,则正确和成功选择主题的机会会增加。 它包括以下步骤:

– 咨询导师;

– 选择合适的topic;

– 研究导师建议的文学资料.

  • 有哪些好的话题?

大学生可以在这篇文章中找到好的论文题目。 从适用于您的学科的那些中进行选择。 此外,不要忘记就所选主题咨询导师。

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