Process Essay Topics分享

Process Essay Topics分享



此类论文的主题不应太简单,也不应太复杂。 这里有很棒的过程论文主题可供选择或启发你:


Lifestyle topics

  • Kicking a bad habit
  • Steps to planning a surprise party
  • How to gain self-confidence
  • Steps to making a latte at home
  • How to choose a major in college


Science-related topics

  • How smoking damages the lungs
  • How the human eye deteriorates
  • How DNA replication works
  • The formation of black holes
  • How vaccines protect the body


Technology-related topics

  • How augmented reality works
  • The process of 3D printing
  • Genetically modifying food
  • How self-driving cars operate
  • How in-vitro fertilization works


Business-related topics

  • Conducting a SWOT analysis
  • How mergers and acquisitions work
  • How companies become publicly traded
  • Creating a business plan
  • Auditing a system


Politics-related topics

  • How the Nazis came to power in Germany
  • The fall of the Soviet Union
  • How to form a political party
  • How the electoral college works
  • The emergence of the Brexit movement in the UK


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