Cause and Effect Essay Example #2: The Negative Effects of Technology

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The Negative Effects of Technology

The Negative Effects of Technology

Technology has become a dominant part of our world over the years, especially in the lives of teenagers and young adults. This obsession with liking, tweeting, and sharing has come to an all-time high within the past ten years. Those that use their phones on a daily basis argue that this is just the way things are supposed to be and that we should just let it be. However, those against technology, are afraid that these phones and tablets will soon take over the world and ruin many people’s lives. Is there a way that technology and people can coexist and live happily with one another? Although technology can be used for good, it can also jeopardize the privacy of those that use it, bring unwanted health problems, hinder finances, and cause many social problems. Let’s dive deeper into this vast ocean of pleasure and controversy in which we call technology.

Over the past ten years, the world has become obsessed with posting about anything and everything they are doing. More recently, the younger generation has become enamored with posting their location. Whenever a teenager arrives at a cool new place, or their usual spot, their location shows up on every possible form of social network. In Mathew Honan’s article, “Location-Aware Lifestyle”, Mathew Honan calls today’s generation a very “Location-aware” group of people. What he means by this is people are tagging and posting their location at all times. They use anything from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and application programs which specialize in letting other people know where they are at all times. Where is the privacy? There is no privacy, which leaves most of today’s society shivering with concern.
Not only does technology jeopardize its user’s privacy and security, it also has the ability to change the way


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