Personal Statement Example#2: My Teaching Philosophy

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My Teaching Philosophy

Teachers play a pivotal role in the learning experience of students. An effective communication between the students and the teacher is made when students with different levels of background knowledge and career goals find a common interest in the subject being taught as well as in the method of teaching being applied. As a student I was very fortunate to have a group of teachers who showed me the connection between the real world and the science taught in the classroom. As a teacher, my philosophy is to share that gift with my students that will not only facilitate knowledge acquisition and improve technical competence but also cultivate critical thinking ability and problem solving skills in their professional life.

My philosophy is to ensure that my students are able to retain the essence of my teaching and would apply it during their professional career. To achieve this goal it is important to develop a sense of appreciation for classroom teaching of basic and applied biological sciences among the students and to explain how this knowledge would help them to perform better in professional career. I frequently use case studies and simulated clinical setups to demonstrate the bridge between textbook knowledge and real life challenges. I also incorporate active learning elements, such as brainstorming, creative thinking, organized group activities and role-playing to facilitate cooperative learning as well as to keep students actively engaged in my class. I often arrange my quiz sessions in a group activity where two to three students can discuss their answers or ideas before sharing it with the entire class. These types of exercises keep students interactive and reduce their apprehension for being called upon individually, and thereby increase the level of participation.

Adopting a multi-component teaching technique in every levels of the curriculum, from course design to feedback based continuous evaluation system enables me to understand my students more closely, care for their individual success and well-being and help every student to achieve their personal goals. I like to design the lectures and the laboratory sessions in a tightly integrated fashion, at most a few days apart, so that students can remember the concept at the time of applying it in the laboratory. This facilitates the learning process two ways; first, recently learned theoretical facts help them to grasp laboratory techniques relatively easily and second, hands on application helps them to understand the concept with better clarity.

I understand that different institutions, departments and programs differ in their philosophy and value system and mostly driven by the needs of the respective student population. As I look forward to pursue my teaching career at the North Georgia College and State University, I am eager to learn from my colleagues who have vast teaching experience and are knowledgeable about the students in this particular institution. I am confident that with my sincere effort and personal attention to every student, I will become a part of the team providing quality education to our students and serving our community.

Teaching Experiences

Earlier after my masters in pharmaceutical sciences and one year experience of senior research fellow at the prestigious National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and research in the Natural Products department, I was appointed as lecturer in Pharmacy at Himalayan Pharmacy Institute, India. During my two and half year lecturer ship I have offered courses in Pharmacognosyor Natural Product Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry for undergraduate Pharmacy students. Many students became interested in isolation and purification of bioactive molecules from plants and later they pursued higher studies. Several of the students always kept in touch with me even after I left Himalayan Pharmacy Institute and came to University of Nebraska Lincoln to pursue PhD degree. After joining University of Nebraska Lincoln in a PhD program in micro/molecular biology I was awarded Teaching Assistantship for five consecutive years. During this time I was Teaching Assistant for Freshman Biology, Freshman Microbiology, and traditional Microbiology Lab courses. In 2008 and 09 I was Head Teaching Assistant where my duties included mentoring other Teaching Assistants, preparing Laboratory examinations along with teaching.

Teaching Plans

During my PhD I have successfully completed graduate level courses on Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology, Microbial Physiology, Fungal Genetics and Cell Biology, Microbial Diversity, Food Bourne Pathogens, Pathogenic Microbiology, Cell Biology and Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Bioinformatics, Immunology, Protein Structure and Functions. I have broad research expertise in the fields of Microbiology, Eukaryotic Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Genetics that have prepared me perfectly to offer undergraduate level courses in these fields. I am also equally adept in offering graduate level courses involving basic Eukaryotic Biochemistry, Genetics, and Cellular Biology with a focus on Cancer along with Yeast and Fungal Genetics.


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